Concept Sketch
War Memorial, Bohinjska Bela

Mountain warfare memorial is located in the Slovenian alpine region near the town of Bohinjska Bela. Memorial is addressed to every soldier that have lost his life in mountain warfare in the first two wars.
The concept scheme is done by reinterpreting Slovenian poetry, that had been done in the 50’s. This poetry is full of inner thoughts and feelings of the individual against the aggressive past.
Two long walls are presenting a narrow corridor with a vast platform covered with vertical rods. On these rods are written parts of poetry. They are facing the view towards the mountains. 

War Memorial, Bohinjska Bela




Studen Competition 1st prize


team: Blaž Učakar, Matej Gruden, Zuliani Ivan

mentor: Izr. Prof. Tadej Glažar

images copyright by Ivan Zuliani