Spa Resort, Istra






team: Zuliani Boris u.d.i.a., Zuliani Ivan MIA, Melita Brajko abs. 

office: DELARH, Zuliani Boris u.d.i.a., Izola


The landscape of Istra, Croatia had and has a major impact on the local architecture and way of living. The location of the project is in deep oak forest, so we decided to continue with the concept of using local material, typologies and archetypes. Also, keeping as many trees as possible. The program is divided into three branches; entrance building with a restaurant, therms with spa and small cottage houses- living units. The aim was to create a very close relationship between the man and the nature. Cottage houses are small, only 25 m2 and are scattered in groups of eight in the Forrest. Spa center is a place where you come to rest your mind and body. It is divided into two wings, sauna and baths. We tried to emphasize the views toward the forest to strengthen the feeling of being in the nature.


images copyright by Ivan Zuliani