Home For Elderly People Interior





Workshop - realization


team: Maruša Zorec, Uroš Rustja, Klara Zalokar, Klemen Župančič,  Zuliani Ivan

Klara Bohinc, Hočevar , Tadej Bolta, Barbara Žunkovič

office: Arrea/ Maruša Zorec u.d.i.a, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Renovation of the interior of a Home for elderly people in Sežana was emphasised on the incorporation of the public areas, which were a big necessity in the building. We included a TV room, library, entrance, reception room, chapel and a hairdresser. The interior was made out of veneer birch wood, white textile and rubber pavement. Second priority was to bring more natural light inside which was made with enlargement of existing windows.