Gallery Cukrarna





exhibition of the project


team: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Boris Matić, Jernej Šipoš, Eva Matjašič Mojca Gašprešič, Jana Kraševec, Paul Bourel, Bine Tekavec, Ivan Zuliani

visuals: Urban Petranovič

Office: SCAPELAB/ Marko Studen u.d.i.a., M.Sc., Ljubaljana


The project for the new contemporary gallery in Ljubljana is located in the old sugar cane factory named Cukrarna. Because of heritage restriction the old facade and wall needed to be kept. The interior got a new spatial concept: clearing all the existing floors, keeping just the surrounding walls. The result is a vast open interior that could hold exhibits of enormous dimensions

Now, Cukrarna is one of the most stigmatized buildings in Ljubljana. When the office got the building permit, we decidedd to create an exhibition presenting the new building and its potential. So we have built a model in scale of 1:25 to present the new public space in Ljubljana. 


images copyright by Scapelab