Fire Station, Ljubljana




Competition, honorable mention


team: Marko Studen, Boris Matić, Jernej Šipoš, Jana Kraševec, Paul Louis Bourel, Aleksandra Rakinić, Peter Sovinc, Jan Jazbec, Bine Tekavec, Ivan Zuliani

office: Scapelab_Marko Studen u.d.i.a., M.Sc., Ljubljana

The building is a longitudinal element where all the support program of the fire station (offices, study rooms, kitchen, fitness, sleeping areas.) is placed over the parking garage and gets natural light from skylights on the roof. Construction of the building is simple and very inventive. The timber massive construction is lying on concrete pillars. Timber thrust is assembled and creates the interior. On the sides, the chambers are strictly divided by the structure. This makes the inner space more fluid and free of any support.


images copyright by Scapelab