September 25, 2018

Pavillion for a well known and established aluminum firm Tehnomarket and Alucoil. The installation wall is going to be presented on the congress of architects- Days of Oris 2018 in Zagreb. The pavilion is made out of 326 tailored aluminum composite aluminum panels. The...

February 26, 2018

New project for a  family low cost- low maintenance private hose in the  Slovenian part of the Istra region.

 Link to the project. 

February 1, 2018

The apartment is finally done. More photos are coming soon...  view project

December 18, 2016

WEEK 11:

In this post I will show you our effort that have been done installing the parquet floor. It's been a hard and frustrating month dealing with all the difficulties that had come in the way. If one want to get a nice flooring one should be careful and very precis...

December 17, 2016

all the best in the upcoming +2017+

November 4, 2016

“Our concept is based on the intention to create a Sustainable and Livable Environment, with a strong identity and biodiversity, allowing different residential typologies to emerge. An intensive interaction between this elements is of great importance”

More info here.


October 3, 2016

Our team is currently working an a proposal for a touristic resort on the Istra peninsula, Croatia.

The project is dealing with alternative energy sources, recyclable materials and active landscape solutions. 

More info coming soon..

Office | DELARH, delavn...

January 23, 2016

I was asked to join the project and create visuals for Jakob Travnik's diploma project Traincity at the Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. The proposal is a good example how architecture can break its own outlines and extend towards different functions, forms and programs....

December 19, 2015

New project update | Charred Wood Wine Cellar

Small Show room and wine producing facility. Entirely covered in burned Cypress-timber pannels. 




Project coming soon!

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