Living in the green canopies

Apartment block 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Competition proposal, 

Honorable mention award


Peter Gabirječič, Tomaž Ebenšpanger, Boštjan Gabrijelčič,

Aleš Gabrijelčič, Ivan Zuliani,


Can you imagine the possibility of an exciting life in nature, to live among trees, but at the same time to live in the heart of one of the European capitals? This is done possible by the Ljubljana location of a new residential building along Erjavčeva Street. It is located directly next to the dignified ambience of the Cankarjev dom, and opens even under the high green cathedrals of trees that grow in the park of the former Villa Bahovec.


Who would not want to set up a villa in a city park, a villa with wide panoramic views that open into a magnificent nature, but at the same time just be far from the city's hustle and bustle of culture. The offered project does not place a single villa, but rather 11 luxurious apartments, with large panoramic windows, through which the views continue into mighty green tree crowns and beautiful city beaches. The atmosphere between the tops of trees provides a real luxury, an unforgettable experience, a magical experience and relaxation. The apartments are divided into four floors, of which the last one is intended only for two large apartments with a wide terrace, from which there is a view of the city. The public library is located on the ground floor of the building, as well as wide open to the park where it is possible to read books in the shade of trees. It's a real library under the treetops!


The monumentality of neighboring Ravnikar's architecture of Republic Square and the Cankarjev dom, a kind of cultural acropolis of Slovenes, requires also respectful attitudes towards public space from the surrounding buildings. To the space they create. Therefore, we perceive a new object, viewed from the direction of Cankarjev dom, as a monolithic volume, just like monolithic facades of buildings surrounding the Republic Square, including the building of the Slovenian Parliament.


The object wants to be modern and timeless. It is contemporary in its modern attitude to current trends in living culture, in the desire to live in nature, in relation to heritage, to public space. Timeless in the ascetic design of matter, in the pursuit of a solution, which can no longer be added or withdrawn. Only such objects survived a historical test. Fashion-only play-off with mere shapes will soon blow off the wind of time.


images copyright by Ivan Zulian, Arhitektura doo, SKUPAJ arhitekti