Corner Building

Apartment block 

Belgrade, Serbia

Idea project, 


Studio Zabriskie

Lela Amlempijević, Milka Gnjato, Ivan Zuliani


Beside the already known Modern legacy of Belgrade the city is also characterized by a big variety of town houses that were built in the past few centuries. This structures have a strong urban character. With their arcade passages, representative facades, welcoming entrances and high ceilings are living proof of the "zeitgeist" of passed times. By being located on the corner of the block, the new structure is setting new urban elements that would hopefully be followed by other new projects on the block. 


This apartment block which is located on one of  main boulevards is trying to accommodate some of these elements of the past and incorporate them in a contemporary way. 

Therefore improving the quality of future residents and guests of the public shop in the ground floor.


images copyright by Ivan Zulian, Studio Zabriskie