May 12, 2020

Competition entry for a multipurpose pedestrian bridge over the river Ljubljanica. Honourable mention. 

More about this.

May 7, 2020

 The moment when an apartment transforms into a home. 05 - 2020

More about here

December 18, 2019

A pavilion like structure in the Karst forrest. Sport center, spa and boutique hotel. 

The rest of the project coming soon. 

November 29, 2019

Collaboration with studio Zabriskie. We are proud to be winner at the competition for The New Building For The National Ensemble Kolo in Belgrade. Big like. 

Link to the project. 

August 22, 2019

The construction site for a single family house at the Slovenian Coast is active. The house is slowly showing its character. 

 Link to the Double View House.

Image copywright: Miloš Petrović

July 31, 2019

Studio Zabriskie is a Belgrade based practice represented by Lela Alempijević, Milka Gnjato and Vladimir Djorić. Together with their team Zabriskie  are currently working on residential projects in the city of Belgrade. One of these project is The Corner Building which...

July 27, 2019

Competition proposal for a new residential block in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

I am very proud to be part of the team together with Arhitektura doo and Skupaj arhitekti who successfuly delivered our second competition proposal. Project was awarded with a honora...

July 25, 2019

Redefining the boundary between inside and outside. Because of the Mediterranean climete the house enables the user to inhabit the terraces as well as the inside rooms. Therefore the typical paradigma of an envelope is broken. 

Local soil "terra rossa" is the light mot...

February 6, 2019

This time the topic and the context of the project is different. Project is located in the old city center of Rovinj, Croatia.The old house was build in the end of the 19. century. It represents a typical seaside residential house with a traditional thick wall stone co...

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